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Worth the Wait

  Over the years, I have become a more patient person. I believe my kids have been my best teacher of patience, LoL. On that same notion, I’ve probably made my wife a more patient […]

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I Get Around

  I apologize if my title put the Beach Boy’s song “I Get Around” in your head, but I felt it was appropriate for this post. The older you are, the more of an issue […]

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Surrounded by Signage

  This post shows more of the interesting backgrounds I mentioned in my last blog post. There is no shortage of signage within the urban scene. These signs and graphics give instructions. They invite us […]

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    Over the last couple of years, I have worked on improving my street photography. The streets of Nashville are a great place to practice. As a result, I believe my work continues to […]

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Random Street – 5/9/16

  I am down to my last few images from my first ever roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400. If you have not seen the images in my last 4 posts, please take a look. […]

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  Still pulling from the images from my first roll of HP5 Plus. This short post features people having conversations. If you have been keeping up with my last few posts, you know that this […]

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Music City Marketing

  I’ve always heard that even when production is down, you still need to keep your marketing alive and strong. One major component of marketing that is in our faces wherever we go is advertising. […]

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  Sometimes street photography can be a humbling experience. It never fails that whenever I hit the streets, there is always a reminder of how fortunate I am. The biggest issue that I may be […]

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NO RHYME, NO REASON – Nashville Streets Part 2 (5 of 5)

  The title says it all. These shots did not fall into any particular category, so I placed them in this last post to complete the series of posts from my Part 2 adventure in […]

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HANGING OUT – Nashville Streets Part 2 (4 of 5)

  For me, the attraction to downtown Nashville is not the events or even the music, it’s the people. I find it very entertaining watching the characters that roam the streets of Nashville. They are […]

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SMASHVILLE – Nashville Streets Part 2 (3 of 5)

  As I have mentioned throughout my Nashville Street posts in Part 1 and Part 2, Nashville was hosting the Hockey All-Star games on this particular weekend.¬†Hockey jerseys and hockey events were at every turn. […]

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HOPEFULS – Nashville Streets Part 2 (2 of 5)

  Nashville would not be same without the sound of live singing and music. This live singing and music is not always from famous stars. In fact, most of the melodies you hear coming from […]

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