Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I wish I could say that I have been passionately involved in photography since I was a kid, but my love affair with photography occurred a little later in life. While I have taken pictures most of my life, I never really put much thought into them. This love affair has evolved over time. I started out worrying about what gear to use and how this name brand compared to that name brand. I believe I was more worried about the gear than knowing how to make a proper exposure. As my knowledge grew, I began to figure out that the fundamentals of photography applied to all cameras regardless of the name on the strap. I also realized that I did not need all the extra features that are constantly pushed on the consumer to get you to buy a particular camera. Furthermore, I realized that the camera was just a tool and my ability to use this tool is really what makes the difference.

I’m a traditional kind of guy. Thus, I really love traditional photography. I love it so much that I started shooting film. Little did I know, shooting film would transform my entire approach to photography.  Not only has film taught me more about photography, it has slowed me down. I am more engaged and I tend to shoot more with a purpose.  The icing on the cake is that the look of film adds character and depth to each image that just can’t be duplicated by the digital medium. Hence, you will find more and more film images on my site.

I tend to gravitate toward landscapes, cityscapes and the urban scene. I really love street photography in the traditional sense of candid moments that tell the story of the human condition.  This is not to say that I won’t pass up a nice sunset or the local wildlife.

I would really appreciate any comments or thoughts on my photographs and blog posts. I should add that my wife is writer and occasionally will post her insights as well. So thanks again for stopping by and please return as I am always updating my portfolio and blogging about my photography endeavors.

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*Hallowed Ground Magazine April 2014 (Civil War Trust) – Back Cover.

*205DPI Magazine June 2015 – Featured Photographer

*205DPI Magazine September 2015 – Featured Photographer

*Historic Maury Magazine 4th Quarter 2016 – Featured Article


*Diversity Show –  January 2016 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville) **Juror’s Award**

*Sign of the Times Show – May 2016 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)

*Tranquility Show – September 2016 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)

*Identity Show – May 2017 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)

*Captured Emotions Show  – September 2017 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)

*Elements Show  – February 2018 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)

*Minimalism Show  – June 2018 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)

*Adventure Show  – August 2019 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)

*A Moment In Time Show  – July 2020 (Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery-Nashville)


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