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Still pulling from the images from my first roll of HP5 Plus. This short post features people having conversations. If you have been keeping up with my last few posts, you know that this roll of HP5 Plus was shot in Nashville during the NCAA Tournament. If your favorite color was blue and more specifically Kentucky Wildcat Blue, you were in the majority. You will notice that most of these shots featured Kentucky fans, including this first shot. I hope my wife and I make it to this stage of life.



Golden Years


Olympus OM1 / 50mm f1.8 / Ilford HP5 Plus 400 / FINDLab



It was fun watching this next group of people. They were having a serious negotiation about ticket prices. The man on the right gave a price and the gentleman on the left started laughing profusely. I would say that offer was not the final bid. I got my shot and left so I don’t know if they even settled on a price.





Olympus OM1 / 50mm f1.8 / Ilford HP5 Plus 400 / FINDLab



Like I said, Kentucky Blue was strong. Even the stores knew how to market to the majority, a little marketing 101.



Tall Tales


Olympus OM1 / 50mm f1.8 / Ilford HP5 Plus 400 / FINDLab



Quite often, the best times are had just setting around talking with friends.



Chillin in the Park

Olympus OM1 / 50mm f1.8 / Ilford HP5 Plus / FINDLab

Olympus OM1 / 50mm f1.8 / Ilford HP5 Plus 400 / FINDLab



This next shot reminds me of the dreaded birds and the bees talk that we parents have to have with our kids. I have one more talk to give and it is just around the corner. On a lighter note, I hope there is a club soda amongst all of those alcoholic beverages in the background. This young man might be mature for his age, but I don’t think he is drinking age yet.



The Talk


Olympus OM1 / 50mm f1.8 / Ilford HP5 Plus 400 / FINDLab



Thanks for reading! I have one more post to finish out my first roll of HP5 Plus 400. The next blog post will be a short one with random shots from around town.



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