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Tag Archives: Ilford HP5 Plus 400


Square Shots

This post is not about square picture formats as the title might suggest. It’s about the Columbia, Tennessee square, one of my favorite town squares. Its courthouse centerpiece dates back to 1904. The courthouse has […]

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Remnants of Winter

  Continuing with my latest roll of HP5 Plus 400, here are a few shots from the latter part of this past Winter. These shots were taken in the Tennessee cities of Columbia, Spring Hill, […]

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A Nebulous Morning

  Early morning is my favorite time to shoot. My second favorite time to shoot is late at night. Not much is stirring during those times. In the morning, things are just starting to wake […]

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Random Street – 5/9/16

  I am down to my last few images from my first ever roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400. If you have not seen the images in my last 4 posts, please take a look. […]

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  Still pulling from the images from my first roll of HP5 Plus. This short post features people having conversations. If you have been keeping up with my last few posts, you know that this […]

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Music City Marketing

  I’ve always heard that even when production is down, you still need to keep your marketing alive and strong. One major component of marketing that is in our faces wherever we go is advertising. […]

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  Sometimes street photography can be a humbling experience. It never fails that whenever I hit the streets, there is always a reminder of how fortunate I am. The biggest issue that I may be […]

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A Foggy Start

  I love the fog except when I have to drive through it. Otherwise, it’s a great component for a photograph. It adds a dimension of depth and mystery. It sets a calm, solemn mood […]

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