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Organic? No Worries!

Empty Milk Shelves at the Target Grocery Store – HTC One Camera Phone


It may snow an inch, or not at all, but if you mention the “S” word in the South, people rush to buy bread, eggs and milk! “Snow” is serious business here! Children pray for schools to close, and adults pray for roads to be clear enough to get to work safely. Unfortunately, we did not get the snow, we got ice. We didn’t get a lot of ice. We got just enough to keep schools closed for two days, likely three, enough to cause accidents across the state, and enough to keep The Husband home, which is a rarity.

After we watched our neighbors go out, and come back safely, we decided to make a run to the store. I wanted chili, and needed a few items. I have to admit, the side roads were sketchy, while the main roads were fine. We certainly wouldn’t have made the drive if hills were involved! Once we got to Target, curiosity got the best of me. I strolled down the milk isle and chuckled to myself. All the milk was gone, minus the organic milk, lactose free milk, soy milk, etc. For once I was glad we drank organic milk! If I needed it, it was there for the picking!


Fully Stocked Organic Milk Shelves at the Target Grocery Store – HTC One Camera Phone


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