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Author Archives: Amy


Fading Traditions

    Traditions are a huge part of our family. From unwrapping one gift the day before Christmas, to building leprechaun traps and eating shepherd’s pie on St. Patrick’s Day, to cooking huge meals which […]

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New Year’s Spread

There are three holidays my family takes seriously, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. But not for the obvious reasons of gifts and spending time with family. It’s all about the food. Everyone gets to choose […]

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Teaching Respect

Both of my boys grew up visiting cemeteries with me– a lot. We take walks in them. We take flowers to put on graves that have long been abandoned. We’ve pulled weeds from graves, picked […]

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Country Girl

  I grew up in the country. We played in the woods. I caught snakes for pets. We hunted. We fished. We swam at Pen’s Hole on The Fork, and caught crawdaddy’s in the creeks. […]

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Organic? No Worries!

  It may snow an inch, or not at all, but if you mention the “S” word in the South, people rush to buy bread, eggs and milk! “Snow” is serious business here! Children pray […]

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Bitten by the Shutter Bug

  Photography’s held a place in my heart since I was a child. I remember placing the film in the camera, lining the pegs and tucking the film precisely.  Then I’d snap a photo or […]

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