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Bitten by the Shutter Bug



Photography’s held a place in my heart since I was a child. I remember placing the film in the camera, lining the pegs and tucking the film precisely.  Then I’d snap a photo or two to make certain I did it correctly. That love developed (pun intended) over the years. I think it goes with my love of writing. I love creating and telling a story, and taking pictures is very much telling a story. My love earned me the nickname “Snappy,” which came from The Husband. I took pictures with no rhyme or reason. I snapped away. Our trip up the East Coast solidified that nickname. I snapped away at anything and everything! Not always aware of composition or lighting. Nothing. I wanted to take pictures!

My first memory of The Husband snapping aggressively (like myself) was when we went by the World Trade Centers. He asked for the camera and snapped away. I asked, “Why? They’re just really tall buildings.” He replied, “You don’t understand the Engineering feat!” I didn’t. But I am grateful he did! We have images taken two months before they fell that are priceless. Even then, with little to no knowledge of photography, his photographs captured the personality of the World Trade Centers.

We took photographs in New York that can never be taken again. Since September 11, I am eternally grateful we snapped away on that trip! Yet, I can’t help but wonder what pictures we’d taken if we knew just a little about our camera? Because of that, I wonder if that trip planted the seed that would eventually grow?

I still do not pretend to understand my camera! I’m a beginner. Green. Neo. I do not pretend to understand half of what The Husband says! However, I can say I’ve been bitten by the shutter bug! I too want to learn what exactly the A, P, f8, etc. means on my camera. I know now not to point and shoot at everything! Composition and lighting means something! Not to mention those knobs and buttons on my camera! It’s a process, much like developing film, and it’s a process I am now committed to!

Cheers to all the newbies like myself, and snap on to those who know what they are really doing!



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