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Category: Medium Format

Square Shots

This post is not about square picture formats as the title might suggest. It’s about the Columbia, Tennessee square, one of my favorite town squares. Its courthouse centerpiece dates back to 1904. The courthouse has a grandiose presence. Around this centerpiece, you will find local government businesses and privately own businesses. These businesses are located around the roundabout that circles the courthouse and they are located along the 4 streets leading to each face of the courthouse on the North, South, East and West sides. The private businesses range from places to dine to boutique shops and retail. There are

Old School Foto

  I just started a new website dedicated to analog photography. I wanted to create a portfolio site with more emphases on the individual pictures. This will allow for more direct feedback on each image. The commentary will be light and I will provide links to my main blog here at Shuttering Thru Life for the story behind the pictures. If you like film photography or just photography in general, subscribe to Old School Foto! Check back from time to time as I will be adding more photos to my portfolio.

Remnants of Winter

  Continuing with my latest roll of HP5 Plus 400, here are a few shots from the latter part of this past Winter. These shots were taken in the Tennessee cities of Columbia, Spring Hill, Williamsport and Nashville. I’m not fond of cold weather, but I will brave the cold if it means capturing some cool shots, pun intended. I will even tackle hazardous driving conditions if I have the right vehicle. We didn’t have much snowfall this past winter compared to the last year. However, I did manage to get out during the last snow just before it melted

A Nebulous Morning

  Early morning is my favorite time to shoot. My second favorite time to shoot is late at night. Not much is stirring during those times. In the morning, things are just starting to wake up and late at night, things are dying down. There is something about the solitude during these times that I love. It’s therapeutic. The new day is also symbolic to a fresh start, a new day with new possibilities. It’s during these morning hours that I love to take drives on familiar and unfamiliar roads. Every morning is different. Depending on the season, the weather

Dark Interpretations – (2 of 2)

  This blog represents part 2 of my first trial of pushing TRI-X to 1600. I had the intent of shooting the entire roll at night, but I took advantage of an opportunity to shoot a very old home. The images turned out great! You can read about that adventure and see the photos here. Today’s blog is about the night shots I made on this same roll. Before we get to the photos, I would like to take a moment and mention how much I love shooting at night. There is something therapeutic about shooting at night. I find it

Dark Interpretations – (1 of 2)

  After several months, I finally finished a roll of film I had loaded in my Mamiya. Loaded with Kodak TRI-X 400, I shot this roll at 1600. I wanted to experiment with pushing TRI-X a couple of stops. I started out with the goal of shooting all frames at night, but I jumped on an opportunity to shoot a vacant house. Therefore, I shot the remaining frames during the day. I figured this would be a good test to see how pushing TRI-X to 1600 would render subjects in low light. Thus, my first of two blog posts from this

The Cutting Room Floor (part 2)

  The takeaway from this post and my previous one is that it’s good to revisit your images for a fresh perspective. As photographers we continue to learn and evolve. What we like one day, we may not like the next or vice versa. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is being our own critic. That is why it is good to put some time between you and your images if possible. I’ve read where some photographers actually sit on their images for a while before publishing. As I mentioned in my last post, this time away if you will,

The Cutting Room Floor (part 1)

  “The Cutting Room Floor” is a phrase in the film industry used to describe the unused footage in a film or movie. It’s a fitting title for my next two posts. I was surfing through some unpublished pictures on my Flickr page when I came across some film images that I actually liked, but for some reason or another I never published. These reasons include problems with composition, lighting, light leaks or the image just did not turn out the way I saw it. At a second glance, I actually like some of these very well. My next two

The Cost of Freedom

  I wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to those who have paid the ultimate price and those who will pay the ultimate price for protecting my family and I. Regardless of your politics or how you may feel about a particular war, our fallen men and women deserve respect and honor. It takes a courageous and brave person to willingly stand up and fight for one’s country, a courage and bravery that I will never know. This is why I salute those who have fallen and those who will. Thank you for your service and sacrifice!  

A Good Week!

  The week of April 25th was a good week for me regarding photography. It started out with an email from the Chromatics Gallery in Nashville letting me know that my photograph had been chosen to be in their next show. The show theme is “Signs of the Times.” This will be my second gallery show!     My Second Gallery Showing     I had a hard time finding something in my portfolio that I thought would fit the theme. I settled on a couple of photographs I thought would work. I was not sold on any of them

Award Winning Night

Opening night for my first art gallery show is now in the books. It was a great experience. There were quiet a number of people in attendance. I was told by the parking attendant that this was one of the largest opening nights that he has seen in a while. It’s also been awhile since my wife and I got dressed up to attend a function other than church or a wedding. Upon arrival, the host told me that there was a surprise for me waiting upstairs. I did not know exactly what she meant, but figured it out once I

Black & White Christmas

This post has the remaining frames from my very first roll of Delta 3200. You can see the other frames here and here. Also mixed in the photos below are some shots from my OM1 loaded with Ilford Delta 400. This was also my first venture with Delta 400. I will be posting more images from the 400 roll soon. The first two shots were from one of my favorite places to shoot. I intended to get there while it was still dark, but I hit the snooze butting one too many times. The daylight was growing steadily while I sat up

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