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Award Winning Night

Opening night for my first art gallery show is now in the books. It was a great experience. There were quiet a number of people in attendance. I was told by the parking attendant that this was one of the largest opening nights that he has seen in a while. It’s also been awhile since my wife and I got dressed up to attend a function other than church or a wedding. Upon arrival, the host told me that there was a surprise for me waiting upstairs. I did not know exactly what she meant, but figured it out once I made it to the 2nd floor where the art work was on display. I will reveal the surprise later in the post.

I have not been to any other exhibits like this so I can’t make any comparisons, but I will say that Chromatics does a really nice job with their opening night gallery shows. The event is free and each artist can invite as many people as they want. They even have a kitchen and staff to provide you with wine and hors d’oeuvres. The atmosphere is relaxed and the exhibit lighting sets a mood for mingling, and it literally highlights the art work on display. The Chromatics staff was great! They make you feel welcomed and they are always ready to help you. This is not just true for a gallery show, but anytime you set foot inside their business. Kudos to Chromatics!

With such a large attendance, my wife and I slowly made our way through the crowd to get a closer look at the art work on display. As we made our way around, we had a few conversations with some of the artists. As one of the artist in attendance, I wore a badge with my name. This started a few inquiries about my picture when I was standing beside it. The number one question was “Where is this?” When I told them it was the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge in Franklin, they knew exactly where I was when I took the shot. I would bet that over half the people in the room have stood on that bridge. It’s a very popular destination in Franklin. The other surprise was when they realize the photograph was shot on black and white film. I explained to one of my colleagues in attendance that shooting film slowed me down and changed my approach while invigorating my passion for the craft. As I walked away from my picture I was pleased to see several people take a while to view my photograph. One of my colleagues told me that I had a lot of traffic at my section. After a few more rounds and conversations, my wife and I started to make our way downstairs. It’s a tradition that all the artist sign the event poster. After putting down my John Hancock, I went to the kitchen to say goodbye to another one of my colleagues who actually volunteers to work in the kitchen for these events. I found out after announcing the show at work that two of my coworkers including the lady volunteering in the kitchen were good friends with the managers of Chromatics. It really is a small world, indeed. After saying my goodbyes we headed home.

I debated whether to carry my camera during the show. I decided to leave it in the car and just enjoy the experience. Since the exhibit will be on display through April, I figure there would be plenty of time to stop by and get pictures. However, my wife took a few shots with her phone which she shared on Facebook that night. I need to take a moment to say thank you to all those who replied with your nice comments. I greatly appreciate it! This brings us to this post. We took our sons to the gallery this week to show them Dad’s work on display. They both thought it was really cool. My youngest is already asking for a film camera. I told my wife that I wished I started shooting when I was my son’s age. I can only imagine how good he will be when he is a grown man. This little trip provided a little inspiration for my oldest son as well. He loves to write and is working on getting published. The Chromatics staff allowed me to snap the pictures below. All images except for the last two, were taken with my Olympus E520 and Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 Lens. My wife shot the last two on her HTC One Phone.





















The family standing in front of my photograph (the black & white image).




Little Man Striking a Pose
































My Name in Lights!




Ok, the picture below shows the surprise. My photograph was one of the curator’s favorites. I got the Jurors’ Choice Award. Only 8 were given. I was happy just to have my work displayed. I was not expecting any additional recognition. This made the night that much sweeter! Along with the recognition, I got a $50 gift certificate to use at Chromatics.






Jurors’ Choice Award Winners




If you want to get a better look at the picture on display and see the other photographs that I submitted for consideration, take a look at an earlier blog post here. As far as photography goes, this was and excellent start to the New Year. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and thank you Chromatics for choosing me to be in your show. It was a great honor! Lastly and definitely not least, I thank the Film Box Lab for their outstanding work. Without them, I would not have a picture hanging on the wall. They have a great team as well!






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