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Tag: Film Box Lab

Award Winning Night

Opening night for my first art gallery show is now in the books. It was a great experience. There were quiet a number of people in attendance. I was told by the parking attendant that this was one of the largest opening nights that he has seen in a while. It’s also been awhile since my wife and I got dressed up to attend a function other than church or a wedding. Upon arrival, the host told me that there was a surprise for me waiting upstairs. I did not know exactly what she meant, but figured it out once I

Flyover Country

The term “Flyover Country” carries a negative connotation to those in rural areas. It’s as if the most important people in the country live on the Northeast and Southwest coasts. I’ve never been to LA, but my wife and I vacationed in New York City just 2 months before the 911 attacks. We had a great time and loved everything the Big Apple had to offer, but man, I would not like to live there. I remembered when we first got to NYC, we could not wait to find our hotel and get out of the car. There were traffic

One Tough Kid

  After a pediatric visit in February, we learned that my youngest son was going to have to undergo an orchiopexy surgery due to a hernia. I’m not too crazy about surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. I cringed at the thought of my son having to endure this procedure. It weighed heavy on my mind from the day the doctor told us what had to be done. Hence, the reason for this post. While my wife and I worried about this surgery, our son carried on like it was no big deal. He mainly wanted to know what had to

Country Life

  Here are 12 more frames from my last roll of Portra 400. As I mentioned in my last post, I like the rendering from Kodak Portra. It fits my style of shooting when it comes to color. All pictures were taken in rural Tennessee across the following towns: Spring Hill, Santa Fe, Franklin, Dickson and Hampshire. The wind chime picture was taken at my Mother-in-law’s home in Kentucky. These pictures were taken in the early morning hours. I hope you enjoy!

Nashville on Portra

I dropped off my roll of Kodak Portra 400 at the Film Box Lab in Nashville on Labor Day Monday and my scans were ready Friday. This was a quick turnaround. I am very pleased with the images. It probably took me over five weeks to complete this roll. I was very picky about what I shot. This roll represents my highest keeper rate to date. Out of the 36 frames on the roll, 32 frames were keepers and 2 of the remaining 4 were duplicates. There are more color film stocks that I want to try, but Portra 400

On Top of the World

When I got to the top and finally got my camera ready, I was able to fire off one shot before people started to walk into my frame. I decided to take another frame when the young couple in this picture walked over to the edge to take in the view. I actually liked this shot better than the one without the people. The couple adds to the perspective. I guess this is making lemonade out of lemons.

Boxcar Travels

I realize that the train cars in this picture are not technically boxcars, but they still remind me of the romance of traveling by rail. I am not talking about an actual passenger train with a set route and destination. I am referring to hopping a boxcar unknowing of its destination and going along for the ride to wherever it may lead. I love that sense of adventure. This picture is the train yard of Union Station in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.   Best Viewed in LightBox Below!

Printers Alley-To Go or Not To Go

The people of Nashville are currently in a battle against private owners and investors. It appears that the private owners of some famous and historic landmarks in Printer’s Alley are about to sell to make room for a boutique hotel. This will be the end to popular bars and entertainment venues like Lonnie’s and The Brass Stables.  Each side seems to have good arguments, but at the end of the day, it’s the owner’s choice to make. I didn’t make this post for or against this issue. I just though it was a good time to post these images. Here is

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