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Category Archives: Medium Format


Waitin on a Woman & the Perils of Film

No, waiting is not misspelled, lol. That’s how we say it down here. I took off work to assume my chauffeur and babysitting duties. My wife had a doctor’s appointment and as homeschoolers, you have […]


Another 15 Minutes

Who says lightning never strikes twice in the same place? Those of you who follow this blog and my facebook page have seen my work from the July 4th festivities in the Tennessee towns of […]


Pride in Ownership

  I’m ashamed to say I can’t tell you when the last time I hand washed my car. It’s been even longer since I waxed a car. In my younger single days, I would hardly […]


Small Town, USA

  When I ponder about this great country of ours, I see mostly the good. The bad is there, but I believe that is just part of the price of having a free society. Ultimately […]


Ektar’s Red, White & Blue

  I was pleasantly surprised on the drive home today when I felt my phone buzzing. It was an email I always like to see, an email from Film Box. My scans were ready for […]


What is a Dad?

    Every parent probably was nervous about becoming a mom or dad. It was not as if we took classes to prepare for being a good parent. Thus evolving into our parental role was […]


War Between the States

    There is not many places you can go in the Southeast and not see remnants of the Civil War. This is especially true for Tennessee. Tennessee is second to Virgina in the number […]


The Early Bird Gets The Worm

When I have the time, I like to get up before sunrise and head out to a destination with the hopes of capturing a good shot. Morning hours as well as late evening hours usually […]


A Negative Attitude

I started shooting film about 2 years ago. My initial desire was to improve my photography. I figured if I could not see the shot as soon as I took it, I would be forced […]


Mamma Mia!

  The Mamiya 645 1000S is my first medium format camera. It has the form factor of a brick. It is heavy and cumbersome to hold. You only have 15 shots per roll of film, […]


Big League Dreams

I grabbed the shot above while my son took a break from our one on one practice session. It appears my son’s love for baseball increases every season. This has a lot to do with […]