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Category: Architecture & Structures

Black Friday on the Black Top

I was thankful to have another wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. We’ve had another blessed year. I’m also thankful for some free time to indulge in my favorite past time, street photography. I’ve never been one to participate in the Black Friday frenzy, but we definitely take advantage of the sales. This is usually through online purchases. In fact, on my way to my favorite street photography theater, Nashville, I stopped at an electronics store to pick up a new lens I ordered online the night before. I was dreading the crowd, but I managed to get in and out

Night of Lights!

Another year is about to come to a close as I find myself at the 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Event on the square in Columbia, Tennessee. It seems like yesterday that I was preparing to shoot the first 40 foot tree lighting festivities. Where has the time gone? Now that the city of Columbia has lit the tree, the Christmas season has officially started! Those who follow me know I like telling stories with my images. I believe the best way to do that is to create a body of work. In a body of work, there are 4

Random Musings in Centerville

I visited one of my favorite train trestles the other day. I did not have any particular shot in mind. It was one of those days where I just wanted to be out exploring with my camera. Every time I come here, I always take a shot of the train trestle from the bridge that crosses the Duck River. It can be a bit dangerous getting this shot as the shoulder of the bridge is narrow. Most drivers are courteous enough to move over a little when they see me, but some don’t even slow down let alone move over.

A Nice Place to be Buried

Historical accounts tell the story of General Patrick Cleburne riding by St. John’s Episcopal Church days before the Battle of Franklin in 1864 and saying to one of his aides, “This is such a beautiful church that it would almost be worth dying so one could be buried here.” I would have to agree, but I’m going to try to stay above ground as long as possible. This is such a peaceful place. I’ve visited this church many times over the years. I love coming here with my wife, the amateur historian. She is a walking and talking encyclopedia of

Visiting Old Friends

Quite often, I like revisiting some of my favorite subjects. It may be on a whim or it may be a planned shoot. The subject matter is the same and it’s not the same. Different time of year, different time of day and different weather are all aspects that make the same subject different. Over the years, I’ve shot these locations with a variety of cameras including film cameras. I’ve used medium format, 135, four thirds, micro four thirds and my phone. I’ve shot in sunny weather as well as snow and rain. When you add a different camera, a

25mm Walkabout

Have you ever heard of the KISS principle? Keep It Simple Stupid! As an engineer on my day job, I put this principle to use daily. I’ve found this principle works great for photography as well. In my estimation, keeping things simple in photography means one camera, one lens and no tripod. To take it one step further, the one lens is a prime lens. Less kit equates to more freedom. You are free from quibbling about gear. What lens? What camera? Do I need by tripod? You are free to trek further with less bulk and weight. Minimal gear

Rippavilla Sunrise

In my last post about Rippavilla Plantation, I mentioned I would be back soon for another shot. The image I was after was a sunrise photo. Using my SkySafari App, I was able to locate the sun before it showed itself above the horizon. I found my composition and waited for the sun to appear. I only had to make a slight adjustment to my camera position to get my first shot.  I grabbed a few more shots before I lost the soft morning light. The light changes so fast, so you have to work quickly. The light shining through

Balloons in the Boro

I experienced my first hot air balloon festival last October at the first Spring Hill Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival. After that experience, I was hooked! I had a great time and came away with some nice pictures. When my wife sent me the notice about the Boro Balloon Fest, I knew I had to save the date! The Boro Balloon Fest was taking place over an entire weekend, so there was a good chance I could find some time to attend at least one day. Not only did I find a window to attend, my family decided to go

Plantation Perspectives

I made some time to capture a well known historical home in Spring Hill, Tennessee, Rippavilla Plantation. I won’t go into the history or significance of the home. A quick internet search will give you that information. I’ve captured plenty of photos of this plantation home over the years. I have almost used all the cameras in my arsenal on this building, even my film cameras. I like revisiting my favorite subjects from time to time. It gives me a chance to put into practice new techniques and things I’ve learned that have improved my work over the years. Besides,


I’ve mentioned on many occasions how photography is a form of therapy for me. Picking up the camera and peering through the viewfinder is a great way to unwind. The key to this therapy is slowing down and observing. We pass by uninteresting things every day, but there is an element of beauty in the mundane. It wasn’t until I picked up the camera, that I learned to “see.” After a rough day at the office, I needed some unwinding. I typically shoot outdoors much later into the evening for better lighting, but sometimes  you just have to shoot when

Spring Hill Morning Light

Most photographers will tell you that the light in the morning and evening hours are the best times to shoot outdoors. The light is more pleasing and less harsh during these times. However, if you throw in an overcast sky, all bets are off. I tend to shoot during the morning and evening hours the most. The one exception is street photography. The street doesn’t wait for the optimum light. You just have to jump out there and use the light the best you can.  Today I decided to capture some morning light. I was looking for anything that caught

Thai-Lao Food Fair 2019

It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I tend to believe that statement. My wife actually won me over before I knew how good of a cook she was. My current physique is a telltale sign of her cooking skills. One of the simple things in life I look forward to is a good meal with good people. This is exactly what I experienced this past weekend at the Thai-Lao Food Fair. This event was held at the Wat Amphawan in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It cost $15 per person and there was free admission

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