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Rippavilla Sunrise

In my last post about Rippavilla Plantation, I mentioned I would be back soon for another shot. The image I was after was a sunrise photo. Using my SkySafari App, I was able to locate the sun before it showed itself above the horizon. I found my composition and waited for the sun to appear. I only had to make a slight adjustment to my camera position to get my first shot. 

I grabbed a few more shots before I lost the soft morning light. The light changes so fast, so you have to work quickly. The light shining through the water at the fountain caught my attention. I shot a few different compositions and settled on this one.

The sky was clear, so the higher the sun rose, the harsher the light became. I took two more shots before leaving. 

It can be a struggle sometimes to get up before sunrise on your day off from work, but coming back with some decent images makes everything worthwhile. Check out my last Rippavilla post, Plantation Perspectives. Like and Follow my Facebook page at Shuttering Thru Life. Thanks for reading!

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