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Spring Hill Morning Light

Most photographers will tell you that the light in the morning and evening hours are the best times to shoot outdoors. The light is more pleasing and less harsh during these times. However, if you throw in an overcast sky, all bets are off. I tend to shoot during the morning and evening hours the most. The one exception is street photography. The street doesn’t wait for the optimum light. You just have to jump out there and use the light the best you can. 

Today I decided to capture some morning light. I was looking for anything that caught my eye. Typically, I would get an earlier start as I like to plan my outings with a particular subject in mind. That usually means I have done some reconnaissance, and I have an understanding of what time I need to arrive to capture the right moment. I also like just heading out with no rhyme or reason. Making a left turn here and a right turn there can lead you to some unexpected jewels. Another note worth mentioning is that the light changes fast! The sun is steady rising and the light gets harsher by the second. You can see evidence of that in my photos. 

Spring Hill Battlefield
Spring Hill Battlefield

On the remaining pictures, you can see that the sky starts to clear. The vibrant sunlight starts to add dynamic lighting to the landscape. 

Carters Creek Station Antiques
Barn at Kondo Kennel
Barn at Kondo Kennel

The only downside to catching the rising sun is dragging yourself out of bed. The evening light is more manageable, but sometimes the morning direction of light is better for certain scenes. Thanks for reading! Subscribe to catch my next adventure or you can Like and Follow me on Facebook at Shuttering Thru Life.


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    Pam Pruett says:

    Thanks for sharing. We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.


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