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Tag Archives: Olympus Zuiko 70-300 f4-5.6


Clouded Judgement

  It’s been a while since my last outing with my camera. I believe the last time I ventured out for a photography only outing was back in March of this year, and the last […]

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Marine Week in Nashville – OORAH!!

  I’ll keep the commentary short. The pictures speak for themselves. This past week was Marine Week in downtown Nashville. I heard the advertisements on the radio and thought it sounded interesting, but I did […]

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

  I got a call in the middle of the week from a good friend. I’ve coached baseball with this friend over the years and our kids have played together since coach pitch baseball. He […]

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Short & Sweet

  Well the title says it all. We lost our second game last night so our all-star season has come to a close. It’s tough when you practice for two weeks and then your season […]

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They Grow Up So Fast

Yesterday was my niece’s first soccer game. Watching all the young children run around on the fields brought back memories of my own two boys at that age. My two boys are 11 and 17. […]

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Snow Day

  I bet it was hard to find bread and milk this week in the East. Winter made it’s presence known with two Winter Blasts in one week. The first came Wednesday and the second and […]

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Morning at the Bridge

I had two more shots left on my first roll of Ilford Delta 3200. Actually, I thought I had three. I realized I only had two when I shot the last frame this morning. My […]

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Zoo Trip

It’s been a while since we’ve been back to the zoo. Since I was off work this week, we decided to renew our membership. It was a hot and humid day, but on the bright […]

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Alien Mantis

My wife called me while I was on my way home from work to tell me that there was a praying mantis crawling down the railing of the front porch steps. Whenever she sees a […]

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Rabbit Multiplication

My son and I discovered this nest while tossing baseball in the backyard. Actually, Gaia, our dog found it first. I see rabbits in the yard all the time, but this is the first nest […]

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Country Girl

  I grew up in the country. We played in the woods. I caught snakes for pets. We hunted. We fished. We swam at Pen’s Hole on The Fork, and caught crawdaddy’s in the creeks. […]

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Evening Graze

I took an evening drive to see if I could find anything interesting to shoot. I had a subject in mind, but the light was not the way I had envisioned. I continued down the […]

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