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Dangerous Attractions

Olympus OM-1 MD, Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400, f2.8, 1/1000


I received bad news this week when I found out my cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident. I can attest to the dangers of riding as I used to own a bike. Bike safety has a lot to do with the rider, but it has even more to do with the other drivers on the road as the case with my cousin. It made me think about how the most attractive things in life can be extremely dangerous. Take for example space. When I am not looking through the viewfinder, you can find me looking through an eyepiece in one of my telescopes. I have spent many hours staring at the heavens. From gorgeous star clusters to the beautiful rings of Saturn, space is full of eye candy, but it is a very dangerous place for humans. The most exotic looking plants can be poisonous. Colorful snakes can be venomous. I think we humans have an adventurous spirit and riding a bike represents a sense of freedom that a lot of us seek. Unfortunately this sense of freedom comes with a risk that can end tragically.

The Harley Davidson in the picture above is owned by a Vietnam Vet and cancer survivor. This gentleman told me that he wrecked his bike once, but fortunately did not receive any bad injuries. I hope he continues to have such luck and I hope this post raises some awareness for you bikers and for you non-bikers. We all have to share the road, so look out for each other. May my cousin rest in peace.

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