I can remember being excited about casting my vote for the presidential election for the very […]
This is my third and final entry into my project covering the George Floyd protests. The […]
Many protests have popped up across the nation. I believe there have been demonstrations even overseas. […]
Warning: This blog post contains displays of profanity. It seems like the whole country is on […]
“Give me liberty, or give me death!” Most of us have heard this quotation from Patrick […]
Whenever I post content of any political nature, I always start out with my obligatory disclaimer. […]
  This is my last installment of my American as Apple Pie Series. If you have […]
  I would consider the Women’s March the centerpiece of all the Anti-Trump demonstrations across the […]
  Up next in my documentary series, is the protest at the Tennessee State Capitol Building […]
  What is more American than protesting your own government? Disagreeing with my government and living […]