The Dimple of the Universe started 2020 with a BANG! I shot the very first Mule Drop last year and it was a blast. Given its success, I could only imagine that this year’s event would be even better. To be honest, my goal for the 2020 Mule drop was to get one shot, a shot I missed last year. That missed photo was a shot of the fireworks display over the courthouse. As you will see, I captured many more images, but the fireworks display was going to be my main objective.

Since my main goal was to capture the finale, I had to find out exactly where the fireworks were going to be set off. After some asking around, I discovered that the fireworks would be shot from the top of the courthouse. I don’t think there could be a better scenario than to have fireworks shot form the courthouse itself. With that bit of information, I immediately knew the composition I wanted. When I did not think the night could get any better, I was approached by a woman who turned out to be the Director of the Center of Hope. This organization provides emergency shelter and counseling for victims of domestic violence in Maury County. All proceeds from the Mule Drop goes to the Center of Hope. The director asked if I was Shuttering Thru Life. It turns out that I have corresponded with her through Facebook, but I did not know her face. We began talking about some of my work, and we talked about my pictures from last year’s Mule Drop. She then invited me to take a quick tour to the roof of the courthouse with her and the County Mayor later on that night just before the final countdown. I could not say no to a chance to capture some perspectives I would otherwise never be able to capture. 

I started the night capturing the scene around the courthouse. There were more food trucks at this year’s event. There was a stage and a fenced off area for dancing on the southwest corner of the courthouse. The cool lighting effects and sound was provided by Amped Sound and Lighting with DJ Vanilla Ice stoking the flames. These guys know how to put on a show. I met the owner. He gave me a quick rundown of his setup and showed me the controls on his tablet – cool stuff! As it got closer to midnight, more people descended on the square. The temperature was close to the freezing mark, but between the party atmosphere and maybe some adult beverages for some of the grownups, it didn’t seem like the cold affected anyone. 

I saved the best for last. If the last shot was the only image I got that night, I would be more than satisfied. It was Ansel Adams that said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” If that’s the case, we are looking at an average of one good photo per month, I believe I have January of 2020 covered. I love the lighting on the clock tower from the bursts. The symmetrical streaks and the colorful bursts fill the top of the frame nicely. Shooting at the 17mm focal length on my camera, gives a viewing angle close to the human eye.  This gives the viewer a more natural view which I believe is more intimate. I was glad to have a second fireworks shot to turnout, also. Which is your favorite?

As I suspected, the second Mule Drop was bigger than last years. The County Mayor says that next year’s event will be even bigger. Given the renaissance that Columbia is experiencing, I would have to agree. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! If interested, you can see photos from the very first Mule Drop here. I hope everyone has a happy and blessed New Year. Like and Follow me at Shuttering Thru Life

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