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Family Fun in the Alley

We attended one of my son’s best friend’s birthday party. In fact, he’s more than just a friend. He’s family. You could say he is a brother from another mother. Their friendship and thus, our friendship with his family began many years ago when I started coaching baseball with his dad. Our typical birthday celebration includes the traditional cake and ice cream and fellowship amongst the family. After the cake and ice cream, it’s time for the finale, a trip to the bowling alley.

I typically don’t bowl. I like hanging out and enjoying the company of family and friends. Watching them bowl can be quite entertaining. This time I carried my camera inside the bowling alley. If we could take a step backward, I was actually not planning to attend the bowling alley festivities. I had originally planned to shoot an outdoor event that evening. As luck would have it, the weather put a damper on that plan. However, I’m glad I skipped the outdoor event, I had fun snapping some shots around the alley.

These photos are just some quick snap shots, nothing special, just some documentation of the evening. My intentions were to share some pictures with friends and family on Facebook, but the more I looked at the photos as a body of work, the more I realized that there was a nice storyline unfolding with this series of images. Sharing an uplifting blog post would be a nice change of pace considering current events.

I had a great time! The Tenn Pin facility is very nice! They have an excellent staff and great food. I love the arcade. It takes me back to my teenage years when arcades were everywhere. Yea, I’m dating myself. I go back to the days of Atari, Sega Genesis, Nintendo and the list goes on. I believe every kid should put down the Playstation or the Xbox controller and grab the joystick of an arcade video game from time to time. Those were the days! Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. Thanks for reading!

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