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Category Archives: Animals


Rabbit Multiplication

My son and I discovered this nest while tossing baseball in the backyard. Actually, Gaia, our dog found it first. I see rabbits in the yard all the time, but this is the first nest […]

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Country Girl

  I grew up in the country. We played in the woods. I caught snakes for pets. We hunted. We fished. We swam at Pen’s Hole on The Fork, and caught crawdaddy’s in the creeks. […]

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Colors of Summer

I thought I would take a break from my black and white endeavors and post some color.  Shooting black and white film can be addicting especially with Kodak Tri-X 400 on medium format. Recently it […]

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Evening Graze

I took an evening drive to see if I could find anything interesting to shoot. I had a subject in mind, but the light was not the way I had envisioned. I continued down the […]

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Rural Living

When I have the time, I am usually up before sunrise heading to a particular location to take advantage of the morning light. Most of the time I have a destination in mind, but sometimes I […]

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Tired Cat

I took a stroll around my house to see if I could catch some deer. I did not have any luck, but on my way back in, I found my neighbor’s cat underneath my truck. I […]

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Tree Yoga

I went to the park today and as soon as I got out of my car, I heard something making a crying noise very close to me. I looked up and saw this squirrel.

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