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Tag: The FINDLab

The Athenaeum & Portra 800

    Here’s a few shots of the Athenaeum School for Girls. I shot these under an overcast sky, so I had to do some post processing to get rid of the color cast. These were the last few shots on my first roll of Portra 800. I won’t go into the the history of this building, but if you want to learn more, you can read a short history on my blog titled Girls Only. Along with the history, the Girls Only post showcases some black and white analogue images of the school.            

American as Apple Pie – 45 Visits Music City

  Continuing with my American as Apple Pie documentary series, here’s a look at the other side. It’s the other side because my 3 previous posts in this series were all in protest to the subject of this blog post. Those previous posts are listed below. American as Apple Pie – The Silent Inauguration American as Apple Pie – Protest on Capitol Hill American as Apple Pie – The Women’s March This post is the first of 2 from the other side. The event we will talk about in this post, happened before my next blog post. I’d thought I

Girls Only

  Just off the beaten path in downtown Columbia, Tennessee, there’s a hidden gem. It’s hidden in plain sight. This gem is a home tucked away just off the main drag in a quaint little neighborhood. It’s not just any home. It’s a rectory, the rectory of a learning institution for girls. The architecture reveals that there is some significance behind the building, but without digging further, it’s not easily known that this was the home for the principal of the Columbia Female Institute which later became known as the Athenaeum. The Athenaeum was originally built to be the home

It’s a Southern Thang

  It seems every town has its claim to fame. Nashville is Music City. Denver is the Mile High City. Las Vegas is Sin City. Chicago is the Windy City. New Orleans is the Big Easy and New York City is the Big Apple to name a few of the more famous designations. All of these identities have their own unique history. This post is about exactly that, a unique history that can only be characterized as a Southern Thing. It all started over 150 years ago. Columbia, Tennessee was a mule trading center. It was known by farmers as

Random Street-v1

  This is my 3rd post from my last roll of film I shot on the streets of Nashville. I don’t have a lot of commentary for these captures. The images speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy the pictures!                                   Thanks for reading! I have another random street post coming up next.   Images Best Viewed in Lightbox Below!  

Face to Face-v2

  It never fails that someone always catches you taking their picture. Very seldom have I ran into any negative reactions. One time I was approached by this lady who asked if I just took her picture. I pointed to the direction behind her and told her I was shooting a building. When I told her I was shooting film she said, “Oh!” She then smiled and went on her way. The resulting picture looked like she was giving me the evil eye. Check out the shot here. Probably the most negative reaction to date was a woman at the

Face to Face-v1

  After a hiatus from the street photography, I was glad to find sometime to hit the streets of Nashville with my trusty Olympus OM1 and a roll of TRI-X. This post is the first of 5 that will showcase the images from my outing that stretched over a Saturday and Sunday a few weekends ago. I did not have any particular theme in mind, but I did want to interact more with my subjects. This meant either asking for permission to take a photo or starting a conversation afterwards or both. Technically, in my opinion, asking for permission does

Meriwether Lewis & Metal Ford

  Now that the Marines have gone, I will get back to my roll of Kodak Portra 400. If you have not seen my last post on the invasion of Marines in Nashville, check it out here. You will be treated to a slide show of several pictures of the events throughout Marine Week including an air show and ground invasion. Picking up from my last post of Portra pics, this post has more landscape pictures from the Natchez Trace Parkway. All photos in this post were taken on the same overcast day. I found myself further West than normal

Moment of Peace

  This post has the last few images from the roll of Kodak TRI-X 400 I shot on the streets of Nashville a few weeks ago. Check out my previous 5 post to see the other images from the roll. Nashville can be a chaotic place and I don’t mean that in a bad way. There is just a lot of things happening. I guess you could say it’s organized chaos. The sounds of revving motors, horns, the clip clop of horses, conversations, laughter, footsteps, and of course music, can be heard everywhere throughout downtown.  The sounds of music could

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