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Tag: Olympus Zuiko 28mm f3.5

American as Apple Pie – 45 Visits Music City

  Continuing with my American as Apple Pie documentary series, here’s a look at the other side. It’s the other side because my 3 previous posts in this series were all in protest to the subject of this blog post. Those previous posts are listed below. American as Apple Pie – The Silent Inauguration American as Apple Pie – Protest on Capitol Hill American as Apple Pie – The Women’s March This post is the first of 2 from the other side. The event we will talk about in this post, happened before my next blog post. I’d thought I

American as Apple Pie-The Women’s March (Nashville)

  I would consider the Women’s March the centerpiece of all the Anti-Trump demonstrations across the USA and abroad. This demonstration was the third protest of the weekend that I had the privilege of documenting. I considered this a privilege not as an endorsement, but as the privilege of living in a country where protests can exist without fear of retaliation. You can read my introduction for this project and read more about this privilege in my very first post, “American as Apple Pie-The Silent Inauguration“. You can also read my second post, “American as Apple Pie-Protest on Capitol Hill“. I

Vacation 2014: Life’s a Beach

  It’s been several years since we took a traditional vacation. When we do, the beach is one of our favorite destinations. To be more precise, we love the Pensacola Beach area. My wife lived there many years ago and is very fond of the area. I really like the atmosphere here, especially during the off season. This trip was special as my youngest son who is nine had never seen the ocean. Well, he has, but he was just a baby. His first sight of the ocean was when we approached the 3 mile bridge. We were caught off

Country Life

  Here are 12 more frames from my last roll of Portra 400. As I mentioned in my last post, I like the rendering from Kodak Portra. It fits my style of shooting when it comes to color. All pictures were taken in rural Tennessee across the following towns: Spring Hill, Santa Fe, Franklin, Dickson and Hampshire. The wind chime picture was taken at my Mother-in-law’s home in Kentucky. These pictures were taken in the early morning hours. I hope you enjoy!

On Top of the World

When I got to the top and finally got my camera ready, I was able to fire off one shot before people started to walk into my frame. I decided to take another frame when the young couple in this picture walked over to the edge to take in the view. I actually liked this shot better than the one without the people. The couple adds to the perspective. I guess this is making lemonade out of lemons.

Boxcar Travels

I realize that the train cars in this picture are not technically boxcars, but they still remind me of the romance of traveling by rail. I am not talking about an actual passenger train with a set route and destination. I am referring to hopping a boxcar unknowing of its destination and going along for the ride to wherever it may lead. I love that sense of adventure. This picture is the train yard of Union Station in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.   Best Viewed in LightBox Below!

Printers Alley-To Go or Not To Go

The people of Nashville are currently in a battle against private owners and investors. It appears that the private owners of some famous and historic landmarks in Printer’s Alley are about to sell to make room for a boutique hotel. This will be the end to popular bars and entertainment venues like Lonnie’s and The Brass Stables.  Each side seems to have good arguments, but at the end of the day, it’s the owner’s choice to make. I didn’t make this post for or against this issue. I just though it was a good time to post these images. Here is

How Far Would You Go?

I was researching freelance photography and came across an article about a young French photographer who was killed in Africa back in May. This young lady had just finished school and set out to document the conflict between Christian fighters and the Muslim rebellion. Her body was found in a car by peacekeepers. This was just one of many stories like this that I came across that made me ponder the question, “How Far Would You Go?”. I admire the courage of any photographer that has the drive and passion to get the shot, especially those photographers that believe in the

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