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Category: Cityscape

The Sky’s the Limit

    The Nashville skyline is probably one of the most photographed subjects in Middle-Tennessee. I know I’ve taken my fair share of photos of this skyline and will probably take many more. Over the years, the skyline has gradually changed. There is one new addition to the skyline that has a commanding presence among the other skyscrapers. It has made a significant change to the skyline. Even if you have not been downtown for quiet a while, those familiar with Nashville will be able to pick out this new skyscraper in this first picture.     Did you pick

Paint the Town

    Anyone who lives in Columbia, Tennessee or frequently passes through the downtown area has probably notice some changes. These changes range from the beautification of the downtown area to signs and murals promoting art and displaying the Muletown brand. This post is about a signature piece of artwork that has become a fixture in the downtown area, and it’s the gateway to the arts district.         I like to think of myself has an artist, too. I can’t paint or draw on an artistic level, but I’ve been developing my eye over the years to


    These hashtags like the title of this post are becoming too commonplace. I’m at a loss for words. I can’t comprehend how human beings can harness such evil. I guess what I’m trying to understand is what depths do we have to reach before we unleash such heinous acts on our brother and sisters. I would assume that answer is different for each individual. We are all born into different circumstances. Circumstances that are out of our control. We only gain control when we survive childhood with or without the tools to cope in a world that holds

Clouded Judgement

  It’s been a while since my last outing with my camera. I believe the last time I ventured out for a photography only outing was back in March of this year, and the last time I did any landscape or cityscape work goes back even further. I’ve taken pictures since those times, but those photo shoots have been related to other events like baseball, astronomy outreach and family gatherings. I finally had a little time to get out of the house for a dedicated photography session. I decided that I would attempt to capture a shot that I’ve had

Face to Face-v4

  It’s been a while since I posted a Face to Face blog. I’ve actually had some face to face street photography encounters, but they have been more on the documentary side. For those not familiar with my “Face to Face” series, these posts are street photography blogs where I engage people and ultimately ask for their photograph. These would be better defined as street portraits than street photography. Most of my candid shots can be found under my “Random Street” and “Abstract Street” series. When I’m out and about, I usually come back with something to fit all categories.

Square Shots

This post is not about square picture formats as the title might suggest. It’s about the Columbia, Tennessee square, one of my favorite town squares. Its courthouse centerpiece dates back to 1904. The courthouse has a grandiose presence. Around this centerpiece, you will find local government businesses and privately own businesses. These businesses are located around the roundabout that circles the courthouse and they are located along the 4 streets leading to each face of the courthouse on the North, South, East and West sides. The private businesses range from places to dine to boutique shops and retail. There are

More from Maury

  As the title suggests, this post has more images from Maury County, Tennessee. It also adds to my interim from my recent documentary posts regarding current politics. This is also a break from film. The images in this post were taken with my DSLR. These photos have been sitting on my hard drive, so I thought I would shared them in a blog post. I’m really glad that Spring has finally arrived. The downside is that I now have to crank up the lawnmower and deal with all the insects and critters that come along with the warm weather. Oh

Nashville Lights

  This post is tied to my last post. These digital photos were taken the same night I made the analog captures with my Mamiya. You can see the film shots here. On three separate nights, I made room in my camera bag for my Mamiya 645 1000s loaded with Kodak TRI-X 400 and my Olympus E520 DSLR. Just for the fun of it, I challenged myself to come away with a digital shot along with my film captures. Using my DSLR to capture the artificial lights with their different color temperatures reminded me of one of the reasons I love

Nashville Nights

  After a week of vacation, I am slowly getting back into the daily grind. I had hoped to do more photography, but I spent most of my time cleaning out the garage, coaching baseball and just getting some rest and relaxation. I did manage to add another frame to my Mamiya TRI-X 400 project, 5 down 10 to go. I also made a capture on Ektar 100 with my OM1. I plan to capture the Fall foliage over the next few weeks on this same roll of Ektar. With somewhat of a break from baseball this past weekend, I

Cityscapes in HDR

  Two out of three of my last posts were about landscapes, more specifically, analog landscapes. This post is the polar opposite of those two previous posts. For one, this post showcases cityscapes. Secondly, all the images are digital and they were made with HDR techniques. I love traditional photography and my heart is with analog photography. You just can’t duplicate the look of film. Those old mechanical cameras last a life time and their simplicity captures the core of photography. I get so much enjoyment shooting film. However, I do like to shoot my digital camera, too. Sometimes I

What Really Matters?

  These days you can’t turn on the radio or television without hearing “Black Lives Matters”, “Blue Lives Matters”, “All Lives Matters” and my favorite “Black LIES Matters”. So it begs the question, what really does matter? To me, it’s simple. The TRUTH Matters! Unfortunately, if you get all your news from the mainstream media, your views may be heavily distorted. I am not saying that the mainstream media is lying to you, but they are not telling you the whole story. This is where the problem lies. Most of us get caught up in our own ideology. I know I

A Foggy Start

  I love the fog except when I have to drive through it. Otherwise, it’s a great component for a photograph. It adds a dimension of depth and mystery. It sets a calm, solemn mood that I believe is best accentuated in black and white. What a perfect scenario for my very first use of Ilford HP5+ 400! I’ve been wanting to try this film for a while. I’ve had good success with other Ilford products, Delta 100 and 400. I understand HP5 has a different grain structure than Delta. A more traditional structure that produces more grain. A lot

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