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Some Nashville Perspectives

We had a break in the weather yesterday. The sun was actually out and the temperature was mild. It was a perfect evening to take some pictures and a nice time of day to be in the heart of downtown Nashville. I had a shot in mind of a perspective I’ve shot recently at night. I wanted to see what it looked like close to sunset. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I grabbed a shot anyway. 

With the sun getting lower and lower, I figured I would make my way to some popular areas to salvage what little daylight I had left. I ended up capturing some views from the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge and the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. I also took some pictures along Riverfront. The high level of the Cumberland River took me by surprise. I wasn’t thinking about all the rain we’ve had and the rain we continue to have. I was able to turn the fast moving water into a glassy landscape. 

As the evening entered blue hour, the wind picked up. The wind was strong enough to blow my hat off. In fact, I removed my hat and put it in my bag before I lost it in the Cumberland. During my time trekking around this area, I could hear the Music City Star pull in and out of the train station. I decided to head across the pedestrian bridge to get a shot of the train up close. That was a nice thought, but I never made it. As I was walking across the bridge, I looked back toward the stadium. I was greeted to a nice blue hour perspective of Nissan Stadium. 

I shot a couple of handheld shots that turned out great, but with the wind pushing me around, I decided to breakout the tripod to assure I got a steady shot. The tripod also allowed me to increase my depth of field while keeping my ISO low. I could still hear the train at the station as I picked up my gear and continued across the bridge.

On my trek to the other side, It was hard not to notice the colorful lighting on the Korean Veterans Bridge with the colors reflecting in the river below. It was begging to be photographed. I figured I would grab a quick photo of the bridge while I had a touch of blue hour left, but that was not gong to happen. I was setting up for the shot when a man walked by asking me if I was getting any good shots. He came over to me and we started talking. This gentleman was leaving work. He works in the At&t building, aka “The Batman Building.” He begin by talking about some kids he just talked to who were flying drones. This sparked a conversation about drone crashes he knew about around the city. He even pointed at the Batman Building to show me where a drone had crashed into it. He has actually built his own drone and other flying machines. I could hear the passion in his voice when he was talking about getting his FAA 107 license and saving up for a new drone. It was like I was listening to myself as I have the same aspirations. We talked about cinematography and photography in general. We also talked about coding and engineering. Before I knew it, blue hour was gone. It was all good, because I really enjoyed the conversation. It’s not everyday you meet someone who shares similar interests and passions. After he showed me some pictures of the city from this office perspective, we said our goodbyes. I finally got the shot below. 

The Music City Star left the station for the last time while we were talking. I will have to get my train shot on my next visit. I’m glad I had time to take advantage of the break in the gloomy weather. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Follow and Like my Facebook Page, Shuttering Thru Life, to catch my next Music City adventure. Thanks for reading!

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