Wow! What a year! I’m glad I’m here to see 2021. I remember a year ago thinking that 2020 was going to be an awesome year. Well, for many people including myself, that did not go as planned. So many lost so much. Many are not here to see the New Year. Despite the pandemic and all the fallout, my family and I have been blessed. Most of us have reinvented ourselves to do things differently. These are positive changes that we will carry into 2021. I believe we will be stronger and wiser as a result.

It’s become a tradition for me to shoot the Annual Mule Drop sponsored by the Center of Hope. It was encouraging to see people come out to celebrate in the rain even with the looming covid-19 virus. The rain was sporadic with the heaviest rain coming at the end. I was worried that we would not get to see the fireworks, but things worked out despite the weather. With the drive-in style venue, it was easy for the party goers to keep dry in their own vehicle. Amped Sound and Lighting did an awesome job creating this festive atmosphere. Local talent Shane Profitt gave the audience a fantastic live performance. Keep your eye out for this rising star! DJ Chase Blanchard and M.C. Adam Southern kept the party goers engaged. I had fun as always capturing the atmosphere around the event. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thank you to all the people following me on Facebook, Instagram and my website. I appreciate the comments and feedback. I hope 2021 is your best year yet! I look forward to new photographic adventures and opportunities in 2021. Happy New Year!!

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