I always have a blast shooting for Kissel Entertainment. You can’t beat the family atmosphere of food, fun, games, rides and smiling faces. The Midway is a great escape from the daily grind and it is a great place to create memories of a lifetime. I hope you enjoy these images!


I also like to capture video clips from the fair. Below is a video I made from clips captured during my shoot. 


I love the short clip below. This little girl was getting ahead of the competition and had no idea she was being filmed until it was too late. Priceless!


I know there is a tremendous amount of teamwork and hard work to create this oasis of amusement. Kissel Entertainment makes it look easy. What could be more fun than putting smiles on faces or as Kissel would say, “Turning Frowns Upside Down.” I always leave the fair feeling good about life and humanity. Stay tuned as my next assignment will be the Bluegrass Fair in Lexington, Kentucky. I’m looking forward to capturing more memories. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Follow my social media at the following links: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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