Coincidentally, the last time I shot a First Fridays event was exactly 2 years ago in October. I shot the 2017 event on Kodak Portra 800 color film during the day and shot my DSLR at night. You can read about that day and see those pictures here. With some free time and perfect weather, I decided to take a stroll downtown to check out the festivities of the 2019 October First Fridays event in Columbia. This event has grown by leaps and bounds. More food, more music, more people and that good ole southern hospitality makes this event a great time for the entire family! Pictures are worth a thousand words as the saying goes, so let’s get to the photos. These photos are listed in the order taken. Enjoy!

People are my favorite subjects. Be it a planned portrait shoot, candid street photography, or documenting an event like First Fridays, it’s fun capturing the human condition. With a little patience and anticipation, you might just capture a person’s personality through a genuine smile, or you might capture that decisive moment that tells a story and at the same time, create a memory that can be relived time after time. These are a few of the reasons I love shooting people. I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into First Fridays in downtown Columbia, Tennessee. I would highly recommend checking out this event. Thanks for reading! Subscribe to my blog or Like and Follow Shuttering Thru Life on Facebook to catch my next photo adventure.

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