Vacation 2014: Life’s a Beach

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It’s been several years since we took a traditional vacation. When we do, the beach is one of our favorite destinations. To be more precise, we love the Pensacola Beach area. My wife lived there many years ago and is very fond of the area. I really like the atmosphere here, especially
during the off season.

This trip was special as my youngest son who is nine had never seen the ocean. Well, he has, but he was just a baby. His first sight of the ocean was when we approached the 3 mile bridge. We were caught off guard when we saw the terror on his face. The ocean intimidated him so much that he was visibly frightened. We all comforted him as we made our way to the island. Don’t worry, once we got settled in our condo and made our first walk on the beach, he was back to normal. In fact, at the end of our stay, he did not want to leave.

We all had a great time. One of the highlights for my oldest son was taking a day trip to New Orleans. This has become kind of a tradition for us when we stay in Pensacola. We love the rich culture and history. My oldest son wanted to go to New Orleans because it is the backdrop in many of his favorite books. Also, some of his favorite authors live or frequently visit there. I will post pictures from the New Orleans trip later.

At present, I have a total of 4 posts from our vacation including this one. I will post the next three over the next few days. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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