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The Nashville skyline is probably one of the most photographed subjects in Middle-Tennessee. I know I’ve taken my fair share of photos of this skyline and will probably take many more. Over the years, the skyline has gradually changed. There is one new addition to the skyline that has a commanding presence among the other skyscrapers. It has made a significant change to the skyline. Even if you have not been downtown for quiet a while, those familiar with Nashville will be able to pick out this new skyscraper in this first picture.


Olympus E520 / 14-54mm f2.8 / SNS- HDR (4 frames) / Shift-N Lens Correction


Did you pick it out? It’s the tall slender building just left of center. Here’s a closer shot.


Olympus E520 / 14-54mm f2.8 / SNS- HDR (4 frames) / Shift-N Lens Correction


This is the new 505 residential building. It’s the tallest residential building in Nashville. Below is and excerpt from the 505 Nashville website.

 The elegant, 45-story 505 residential skyscraper will become Nashville’s most premier residential address. A floor-to-ceiling, curved-façade glass tower composed of luxury penthouse and residence units, 505 is woven into the fabric of the city’s vibrant downtown. The tallest residential building in Nashville, 505 is situated at Church Street and 5th Avenue with views of the Cumberland River amidst the city’s most popular restaurant, retail, and entertainment destinations.

Those first two shots were taken from a parking garage for one of the medical centers just west of downtown. I took the following shot from the southeast end of the Ascend Amphitheater.


Olympus E520 / 14-54mm f2.8 / SNS- HDR (3 frames) / Shift-N Lens Correction


While I was walking around the amphitheater, I saw an interesting picture of the Ascend sign. I really liked the lighting in this shot.


Olympus E520 / 14-54mm f2.8 / SNS- HDR (4 frames)


It was nice to have some free time to drive around Nashville. I had two more shots in mind before I called it a day. I drove over to the Bicentennial Mall. You can think of this area as Nashville’s Central Park. It has a nice open green area. You will find people walking dogs, exercising, playing games, reading books or just hanging out. Can you spot the 505 building?


Olympus E520 / 14-54mm f2.8 / SNS- HDR (6 frames) / Shift-N Lens Correction


The second shot I had in mind and the final shot of the evening is a perspective that I don’t see that often. In fact, I’ve seen more of my own shots from this perspective than I’ve seen anywhere else. Perhaps the fast moving traffic along the narrow sidewalk on the Jefferson Street Bridge is not the ideal place for setting up a tripod. I had to wait for large trucks to pass before hitting the shutter release because of the vibration in the bridge. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite compositions. I got lucky this time as a loaded barge was parked on the Cumberland River just below the bridge. This added a nice touch to the foreground, and the haze in the sky created some interesting lighting.


Olympus E520 / 14-54mm f2.8 / SNS- HDR (5 frames) / Shift-N Lens Correction


Did you spot the 505 building above? As I mentioned previously, the 505 building has a dominant presence from just about any angle. I will work on more perspectives of this building the next time I’m downtown. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more cityscapes from Music City!


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    Travis you did a excellent job. Very clear picture’s I wish could download. Enzo

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      Thank you Enzo! I’m glad you liked the photos.

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