Face to Face-v3

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  Who says street photography has to be on the streets or that it has to be in black and white? I guess we are conditioned to black and white images of people from urban areas as being real street … Read More

The Cutting Room Floor (part 1)

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  “The Cutting Room Floor” is a phrase in the film industry used to describe the unused footage in a film or movie. It’s a fitting title for my next two posts. I was surfing through some unpublished pictures on … Read More

2 Birthdays, 1 Celebration

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  I love this time of year. I’m thankful to be living in the good ole USA. I’ve traveled to our neighbors to the North and South and I’ve been across the pond. While the countries I’ve visited are great … Read More

Meet Bill

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  I decided to head to the lake one weekend to do some shooting, when I made a last minute decision to stop by an old historic black church nearby. I have photographed this church in the past, but wanted … Read More

Big League Dreams

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I grabbed the shot above while my son took a break from our one on one practice session. It appears my son’s love for baseball increases every season. This has a lot to do with his growing confidence in his … Read More

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