The Cutting Room Floor (part 1)

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  “The Cutting Room Floor” is a phrase in the film industry used to describe the unused footage in a film or movie. It’s a fitting title for my next two posts. I was surfing through some unpublished pictures on … Read More

Red, White and Blue Pride

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I finally got the last batch of images from my Independence Day captures. The shots in this post were shot on Kodak Portra 400 with my Olympus OM1. All images were developed and scanned by the Film Box Lab in … Read More

Ektar’s Red, White & Blue

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  I was pleasantly surprised on the drive home today when I felt my phone buzzing. It was an email I always like to see, an email from Film Box. My scans were ready for download! I have been anxiously … Read More

Red, White and Blue

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I woke up to a rainy Fourth of July morning. I decided to head out anyway to see if there were any interesting subjects to shoot. Without anything in mind, I headed to the downtown area of Columbia. My luck … Read More

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