Good Morning Nashville

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This week went by quickly for me. I was glad to see Friday regardless. It was an actually a real Friday as I did not need to go into work this weekend, and this usually means a chance to chase some light. I made it to Riverfront in downtown Nashville just before sunrise. My goal was to finish off a roll of Kodak Portra 400 starting with the skyline picture you see in this post. Well, you will have to wait for a couple of weeks to see the results and I still have four frames to complete the roll.

I was really digging the light so after setting up my OM-1 on my tripod, I shot some handheld digital shots with my DSLR for some instant gratification. It was fun watching this shot develop. When the sun started to rise, the light on the skyline started to balance with the sky as there was a combination of dark and light clouds diffusing the light. This was going to be an easy task to capture good detail in the shadows and still retain good detail in the sky. With the sun rising behind me, you could see the light change as it went in and out of the clouds. The best light was when the sun started to break between clouds. This bit of dynamic light can be seen reflecting off the Pinnacle Bank Tower seen on the far left of the frame. It also added a dramatic touch to the clouds overhead. To add to the fun, it started to rain. I was going to leave, but decided to stick it out because it was just sprinkling. I did not have any cover on the Korean Veterans Bridge and the other issue I had to work around was the vibration. I could feel the bridge shake after every passing vehicle, so I took shots in between traffic. While I have image stabilization in my camera, the vibration was still enough to cause blurring images. So after the rain and traffic, I got the shot above and I got one on film. This was the only digital work from this morning. After leaving the bridge, I trekked through downtown Nashville and shot 17 frames. I look forward to seeing how these turned out. I have to admit that I really liked how the digital shot turned out. I have taken a few skyline shots, and I believe this is the best one to date.

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