Chasing Light at Radnor Lake

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I decided to head out to Radnor Lake this evening to chase some evening light. While it is still Summer, there was a hint of Fall in the air. I debated on using my OM-1 SLR loaded with Portra 400 or my DSLR. I was craving some instant feedback, so I took the DSLR on the hike around the lake. As always the hike in this park is very nice and peaceful. The people you encounter are always friendly and some inquire about what you are doing or they comment on how everything is so picturesque. I took the 1.4 mile hike around the lake. You can see from the sequence of pictures how the sun continues to head toward the horizon as the lights begin to fade. I thought I would make it around the trail and be back to my truck before nightfall, but I was mistaken. By the time I made it back to the parking lot it was dark. It is easy to get carried away when there is nice light at almost every corner. I look forward to coming back in Autumn to capture the changing colors. Maybe I will burn a roll of film on the next trip. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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