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Arrested Recreation


Boats at the Williamsport Lakes Recreational Area – Olympus E520. Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5


I took a country drive this afternoon. I did not have anything particular in mind that I wanted to shoot. It was a typical cold, cloudy, dreary Winter day. While the Spring and Fall seasons are my favorite times of the year, I like the solitude of Winter, and the solitude was deafening as I drove into the recreational area.

I did not see one other person in the park as I drove around. During warmer weather, I normally see at least one fisherman either on the water or the shore of the several lakes in the park. The only living organisms that I saw was a coyote, two Great Blue Herons and a herd of wild turkeys. I did not expect to see any interesting subjects, at least a subject to which I could get close enough for a decent picture. Maybe I was just drawn to the solitude that I knew would be awaiting me.

When I first saw the boats, I did not immediately noticed the chains. When I did, it became clear that the chained boats were a symptom of Winter’s solitude. I began to think about solitude and how it has a negative connotation. In reality, I believe solitude can be positive, at least for me. Below is just a few reasons why.

1. There is no pressure to conform.

2. Less stress.

3. Best medium for creative thinking.

4. Less Distractions.

5. Rediscovery of one’s self.

6. Less people, less problems.

7. Getting things done.

This list is what popped into my head initially. Ultimately less is more. There is something to be said about a minimalist way of thinking. Simplicity and clarity are hallmarks of a happy life and both are revealed in solitude.




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  1. Mr. Pick February 3, 2015 at 06:55 #

    Indeed solitude is a blessing. A way of re-centering and re-focusing on what is important. Once the clutter of the urgent is removed, the important can be heard. Good article, and very interesting picture.

    • Travis
      Travis February 3, 2015 at 11:07 #

      Thank you! “the important can be heard” – Love that!!

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