60 Revolutions

60 Revolutions

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My Mother-In-Law’s Birthday Cake – Olympus E520, Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC HSM


My wife’s Mom and Dad visited us this weekend. We decided to surprise her mother with a cake as her 60th birthday was just a couple days ago. It made me pause briefly to reflect on how short and fragile life is. 60 revolutions around the sun is an insignificant number when you compare it to astronomical figures like 93,000,000 miles (Distance from Earth to the Sun), 12,000,000 light years (Distance to the Cigar Galaxy-M82), and 4,600,000,000 years (Sun’s Age). In this regard, we are here for just a blink of an eye. While all of us get caught up in our daily lives, I believe we should strive for quality as we do not know what the quantity will be. Even if that quantity is more than the typical human life expectancy, it is still short.

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  1. Mr. Pick
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    Life is a vapor that appears for little while, then is gone. I’m closing on on the 60 number and have been having these same thoughts. Carpe diem!

    • Enzo
      | Reply

      Excellent very clear.

    • Travis
      | Reply

      I hope you have a great 60th birthday and many more. Thanks for the comment!

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