Pride in Ownership

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  I’m ashamed to say I can’t tell you when the last time I hand washed my car. It’s been even longer since I waxed a car. In my younger single days, I would hardly be seen with a dirty … Read More

Small Town, USA

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  When I ponder about this great country of ours, I see mostly the good. The bad is there, but I believe that is just part of the price of having a free society. Ultimately we have the freedom to … Read More

The Supporting Cast

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  I remembered when the shutter bug bit me. I was set on finding the best camera I could buy. I put all my resources into analyzing camera features and telephoto zooms. I really wanted a telephoto to capture my … Read More

Meet Bill

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  I decided to head to the lake one weekend to do some shooting, when I made a last minute decision to stop by an old historic black church nearby. I have photographed this church in the past, but wanted … Read More

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