Colors of Summer

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I thought I would take a break from my black and white endeavors and post some color.  Shooting black and white film can be addicting especially with Kodak Tri-X 400 on medium format. Recently it may seem that I only … Read More

What is a Dad?

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    Every parent probably was nervous about becoming a mom or dad. It was not as if we took classes to prepare for being a good parent. Thus evolving into our parental role was mostly instinctive and a combination … Read More

The Beauty of Simplicity

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Lynard Skynard’s song Simple Man is a song that describe’s my take on life. There’s a lot of wisdom in that song. I have found that the images that are most profound to me are the simple ones. These are … Read More

Left Behind

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I love documentary style photography. I often get off the beaten path to see what I might find. As I mentioned in a previous post, I like images that appear real. While I do love sunsets and colorful vistas, they … Read More

Old Man Winter

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  Old Man Winter has definitely come and gone. I believe we actually had a Spring this year. I took these shots back in January and February. It’s been a while since we have had significant snowfall.  I believe I … Read More

War Between the States

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There is not many places you can go in the Southeast and not see remnants of the Civil War. This is especially true for Tennessee. Tennessee is second to Virgina in the number of actual battles fought in a state … Read More

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