Waterfall in the Holler

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  I decided at the last minute Saturday to head out to the Stillhouse Hollow Falls just before sunset. The waterfall is down in a hollow and with the sun getting low, I figure I could utilize slow shutter speeds … Read More

One Tough Kid

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  After a pediatric visit in February, we learned that my youngest son was going to have to undergo an orchiopexy surgery due to a hernia. I’m not too crazy about┬ásurgery unless it is absolutely necessary. I cringed at the … Read More

Urban Exploration

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  I finally finished a roll of Kodak Portra 400 in my Olympus OM1. I’ve been working on this roll of 36 shots since November. The shots in this post are from some urban trekking in the Tennessee cities of … Read More

Fog & Floods

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  I set my alarm for an early awakening Sunday morning. I hit the snooze a couple of times, but when I saw the dense fog advisory, I knew there would be some interesting opportunities to catch some morning light. … Read More

Round 2

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  As we head into the Spring season, Winter is leaving with a parting shot. This is the second round of significant wintry weather that has hit the Deep South. In my neck of the woods, the first round was … Read More