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Worth the Wait
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  Over the years, I have become a more patient person. I believe my kids have been my best teacher of patience, LoL. On that same notion, I’ve probably made my wife a more patient woman. I guess getting older … Read More

I Get Around
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  I apologize if my title put the Beach Boy’s song “I Get Around” in your head, but I felt it was appropriate for this post. The older you are, the more of an issue this might be. This is … Read More

Surrounded by Signage
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  This post shows more of the interesting backgrounds I mentioned in my last blog post. There is no shortage of signage within the urban scene. These signs and graphics give instructions. They invite us in and entice us to … Read More

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  Over the last couple of years, I have worked on improving my street photography. The streets of Nashville are a great place to practice. As a result, I believe my work continues to improve. I currently take to the … Read More

My First Modeling Shoot
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  Ok, I have to confess, my title and featured image is a little misleading, on purpose of course. I did not have a model shoot per say, but I did get to photograph a real model. This all happened … Read More

The Cursed Child
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  Those of you who know my wife and kids, know they are big fans of Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling. I can remember many years back actually planning a Florida Vacation around gong to see “The Order of the Phoenix“. … Read More